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By definition, empowerment is when we are stronger and more confident, especially in controlling7 Simple Steps to Move you into your Personal Power toIncrease your Metabolic Power our life and claiming our rightPersonal Power begins when you commit to taking action, making decisions that support your greatest good.  It shifts your thoughts from what’s bringing you down to what’s raising you up.  And when you move into your personal power, your metabolic power increases to be in alignment with your healthy, positive, motivating, powerful self.

These simple steps are intended to give you a map that leads to a more well-defined, intuit, resourceful, joyful path. 

Simple Science:  Personal Power = Metabolic Power

1.     Make Choices that Support Your Healthy Path

Being in alignment with your healthy path is such in empowering feeling.  Think back to a time when your choices were for the good of your health and well-being.  How did if feel in your body to be doing something good for yourself?  Isn’t it amazing be so driven and to see results from your purposeful actions.  Personal Superpower:   Trusting yourself

2.     Why do I ALWAYS say YES, when I really want to say NO?

How often right after you agree to do something, you immediately think why did I just agree to [fill in the blank]?  Taking a minute or two to ask yourself if this is really something you want to be doing is such an important tool to doing what’s best for you!  We’re so quick to say yes, and then we feel HORRIBLE when we have to either go back to say no, OR we end doing the thing we don’t really want to do.   Personal Superpower:  Using your voice!

3.     Opinions Do Matter – But Only if They’re Yours

What others think of you is none of your business.  You’re welcome!  The only thing that matters is if you’re being someone you are proud of.   Letting other’s opinions of you depletes you of your purposeful life.  Doing what’s right for you clears the path to your successes.  Your vision needs to be on what’s best for you and your loved ones not to please others.    Personal Superpower:  Living YOUR purposeful life.

4.     Learn, Learn, Learn and Learn Some More

How gratifying is it to implement something you’ve learned?  Isn’t it so wonderful to share your gifts and talents with the world?  Learning a new language, beginning a new career, continuing your education in your current position are all so inspiring and fruitful.   There are so different ways to learn these days – online, workshops, seminars, adult education, meetups, dvds and countless supply of self-development books.  Personal Superpower:  Sharing your gifts and talents with the world.

5.    Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Energize the world with your fresh, motivating, dependable ideas.  Your renewed hunger for knowledge, improvement of your health and well-being can be contagious.  You can’t complain if you’re not prepared to change the things what you’re complaining about.  Life experiences have genuine gifts attached, and I know to be true because I want to be the change in the world that flushes out the stigma that overweight people are bad, lazy, dirty, stupid and bullies.  Personal Superpower:  Just do it!

6.     Change the Radio station

Inner thoughts, limiting beliefs and self-critics are very damaging to your personal power.  They rob you of the opportunity to take a chance, fulfill a dream, think outside the box.  Embrace those negative thoughts, honor and thank them for trying their best to keep your safe.  Then, reflect and ask them do these limiting beliefs still serve me or are they old and can I let them go.  What uplifting, effective thoughts can you replace them with.  Personal Superpower:  Getting out of your own way.

7.    Let go of the Victimhood

Let your past be what happened for you, not to you.  Everything that’s happened to you has brought you to this exact moment.   Accepting your circumstances while embracing their lesson gives you a chance to grow and advance to the next level. Constantly carrying that heavy baggage robs you of your joy in the moment.   Personal Superpower:  Lightening the load

Bonus:  Step into the Light

Be noticed, be available, be alive!  Get back out there!  Do your special dance for all the world to see!  Get back in the body!  Embrace your journey!  Love what you do and love who you do it with.  There may be do-overs, but there are very few second chances!  Live, Learn, Teach!  Personal Superpower:  Getting outside the comfort zone – it’s where all the fun is!

Are you ready to step into your personal power so you can increase your metabolic power?  

Excellent, then click here so we can begin the conversation to help you take the steps necessary that support your powerful wisdom.  I know personally that it works.  I’ve experienced firsthand how the metabolism increases as a result of stepping into our personal power.  This practice has allowed me to make the changes I needed to make so I could support my healthier life while doing what I love and that’s helping people like you to do the same.

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