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The Oprah Effect

I’m not sure if you saw Oprah’s recent revelation about meditation and how she’s finally found the missing peg…oh, and she eats bread everyday…

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Let this be food for thought

Our relationship with food has a really important message in it as well as the words we say on a daily basis. Whether we’re talking about food, our connection to it or

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Being in the Driver’s Seat Once Again

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged….yikes…it’s been months.  And what a crazy few months it has been. You see, in October my stepmother passed away from a stroke and now I’m the executor of her estate.  Man, this has been an eye-opening experience.  Paperwork on...

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I’m Turning the Age my Mother Died…

How come 54 sounded really old 31 years ago when my mother died at that age? Because to a 23- year-old kid who was young and naïve, and who thought everyone over the age of 30 was ancient, 54 was old.My mom was diagnosed at the age of 18 with juvenile diabetes and...

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Calling all Emotional Eaters to the Table

I know you think emotional eating is bad, but honestly it’s good.  But only if you meet it correctly and humbly…Since we are all emotional beings…we laugh, we cry, we feel…we should be emotional eaters, and emotional workers, and emotional parents, and emotional...

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What I Humbly Learned from Kelly Clarkson

Kelly just released a new album so she’s been in the news recently.  I’m not a crazy follower of Kelly.  In fact, I didn’t even watch American Idol when she was on.  I think I remember her winning, but I don’t think I watched AI as a loyal fan that season.I’ve always...

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Who are you really in a relationship with?

We have been married to our struggle with our weight and with our body for so long.  In fact, we’ve actually allowed it to define who we are.So, today I challenge you with a very important question…Who would you be if you finally let go of your size determining your...

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See…it is about time

We try our best to eat right, but did you know there’s a right time to eat those healthy foods?Do you eat five to six meals a day? Or are you just a three meal eater? Is your way still working for you?Maybe it’s about time to experiment and switch it up.  See if you...

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