Wow, this sure has been a busy six months. Back in the fall of 2016, I began my journey to becoming a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner and today it’s official. I am now an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner! You have no idea how proud I am right now! WooHoo for me!

As I look back at my certification journey, I not only see that I learned the process of EFT, but I got to share EFT with so many beautiful, supportive, generous friends who graciously helped me with my practice sessions. I thank them publicly for their help, love and trust. And what warms my heart the most is that they did this not because they necessarily needed to, but because I only had to ask for them to help. My heart explodes because of their generosity.

If you aren’t familiar with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping, it is a self-help tool used to desensitize, neutralize and re-balance negative energies that keep us stuck in our story and in our emotional and physical pain. While focusing on these negative energies and tapping on meridian points, you quickly get relieve from the stress, anxiety, emotional and physical pain, painful trauma and limiting beliefs keeping you from your highest self.

EFT is such an amazing tool! You see, another requirement of my certification was I needed to use EFT on my own personal journey. I’ve been using EFT on and off for a few years…dabbling here and there…always been a fan. It wasn’t until I started using EFT regularly that I was finally able to reap all the benefits of letting go of a story I was dragging around with me for so many years. My personal peace journey was incredible. Using the liberating EFT tool, I discovered that I no longer needed to live life as an emotional wounded teenager who felt unworthy of the happiness and joy surrounding her. Now I live my beautiful life as the smart, independent, powerful, loving, supportive woman I truly am and enjoy the freedom to share my gifts with my clients.

While focusing and tapping on all the “I’m not worthies”, “I’m good enoughs”, “I can’t do this”, I unpeeled a tightly wrapped onion layer by layer and found a unique pearl.

So with my EFT practitioner certification added to my tool belt, I believe I am able to help my clients achieve their goals. EFT fits perfectly in my already loaded tool belt. Incorporating EFT with my psychology of eating and life coaching tools, I am confident my clients will discover how their limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging ways and emotional and physical pain are keeping them from their healthy, empowered life.

To celebrate my certification, I’d like to offer you and/or a friend the gift of a free session. Schedule a session so you can see firsthand how EFT and the other tools I have available can help you free yourself from a part of your life that is causing you some discomfort. I’m confident you will enjoy our time together. Click here to book your session.

To learn more about me and my tool belt that’s filled with helpful EFT/Tapping, psychology of eating and life coaching tools, click here.

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