As a professional dieter, food and the number on the scale controlled my life since I was a teenager. At the core of my personal identity were food, shame, and body hatred. It took hearing another person’s story of how her mother had berated, judged and belittled her to realize I had to make a change. I heard my own story and realized that too many of us have traveled the same path.

I started my journey by sludging through all the muck of my past. I traded my baggage for a tool belt that enabled emotional healing and freedom. I found that my lighter, healthier self was able to live life once I had found freedom from the anxiety and emotional scars that I had carried with me through life.

I decided I must help others obtain this same freedom. I became a certified life coach through Coach Training Alliance and soon after I was certified as an Eating Psychology Coach by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  And recently, I’m celebrate becoming an accredited certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with AAMET International.  

As a coach and EFT practitioner, I help my clients explore what’s happening in their personal life that is robbing them of their power whether it’s unhealthy food choices, body hate, yo-yo dieting, unhappy relationships, dead-end job and/or painful past. Together we look at the emotional residue left behind, develop a suitable, personal plan that supports Healthy Empowered Authentic Living.

Eating Psychology Coach
Nancy Lundy

Nancy Lundy

Certified EFT Practitioner

Certified Eating Psychology and Life Coach

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