Are you a Professional Dieter Who’s Ready to Finally Lose Some Weight?

Like you, I’ve spent so much time getting sucked into all the promises of any new diet program.  Weight Watchers was always my favorite though.  I was so comfortable counting, planning, reporting.    My task-oriented personality matched perfectly to the plan, until my obsessive mind would take over. 

As a professional dieter, each night instead of counting sheep, I counted my points for the day obsessively, and then I would plot out the next day’s food strategies planning, counting and obsessing.

At each meal, I would eat, write, obsess, eat, write, obsess and so on.  I could tell you the points value of any food without having to look in my food companion.  My favorite memory from one WW plan was when I had to count food groups, you remember that one?  You could have five proteins, three breads, two fats, three fruits.  Can’t remember my son’s first word, but I can remember a WW program from 20 years ago.  Yikes!

I remember being at a party and there was fruit or cake for dessert, and I already had all my fruits for the day so I choose the cake.  WHAT?  Or at a bridal shower, I deprived myself all the delicious food because I was on a “diet” only to go home and binge for an entire night. 

My personal favorite was when my daughter was a toddler and the ice cream man came down the street.  My daughter wanted ice cream, my husband was running out the door asking if I wanted a cone.  NOOOO! I said, I’m on a diet!  In the time he was gone, I eat two pop tarts and three Vienna cookies.  To make matter worse, about half way through my daughter’s ice cream, I decided she had had enough and I took it away from her and inhaled like I was going to the electric chair!  That’s a proud Mommy moment!

That all changed the day I decided to put away the food companions, the journals, the pain of being weighed in front of my WW pals, the deprivation, the self-sabotage and judgment and thank goodness my diet mentality. 

A couple of years and over 20 pounds ago, I was on the road to gaining back a 40-pound weight loss because I always thought I had to diet my way to the perfect body.  Until I began to learn that by letting go of dieting, I could finally loss the weight and enjoy food, have fun with exercise and slowly begin to like and appreciate my body. 

You Keep Trying, But It’s Still Not Working…Why?

Up/Down.  Good/Bad.  On/Off — Hate, Diet, Starve, Fail, More Hate, Repeat

Is this your dieting MO?  It was mine, for many, many years, that’s for sure.  I was so frustrated, after so many dieting attempts, I was always in diet hell, and I HATED it and I hated myself

Do you hate your body into a diet, starve yourself by cutting calories, food groups? 

Do you lose a little weight then gain it back slowly with interest (those extra pounds that keep adding up?)  Then you too, are in diet hell. 

Three Tips to a Healthier YOU!

Food is not the enemy or the main reason you can’t keep the weight off.  The power you give the food is the problem.  Challenges with food is message that there is something deeper going on in your life.  What you are really hungry for?  What’s happening in your life that’s causing you to overeat?  Addressing life’s obstacles and looking at what’s lacking in life is the approach you need to take.  Examine what’s happening on the outside that’s causing the turmoil on the inside.   

Not being nourished in our life, the body will falsely use food as that nourishment.  How can your life be nourished without using food? 


Your best diet plan will negate your best dieting efforts.  Hating your body into a diet will not bring sustainable weight loss – Deprivation is not a long-lasting diet strategy.  Deprivation leads to binges.  Deprivation puts so much stress on the body – going against your own body’s natural eating rhythm.  

Tune into the body and ask “what are you hungry for today?”  Listen for the answer — you’ll be surprised with the relaxed answer you receive.  Honor its wishes.

 “Perfect” dieting leads to disaster.

There is no such thing as perfect anything.  Perfect dieting leads to overeating, bingeing, self-abuse, negative self-talk comes in.  You’ll never be perfect…it’s unrealistic.  Perfection can never happen for a long time and then when you screw up, you crumble.  You suffer because you can’t follow the strict rules you’ve set for ourselves.

Ready to try a new approach to weight loss?  Leave the diet madness – try a gentler, more sustainable practice to a healthier you. 

Your healthier you begins with a quiet conversation in a safe place with someone who’s been in diet hell and understands where you’ve been.

Sign up here for your FREE consultation.  What have you got to lose?  Some weight maybe.  What have you got to gain?  A healthier, more active, less burden, lighter you!

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Remember it’s about time we return to the heart.


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