How great it is when my morning journal writing beautifully transitions into a blog that I can’t wait to share with you.

On this frigidly cold morning in Brooklyn, NY; the wind is whipping, the temperature is 9 degrees.  Yes, the magnificent sun is shining, but it’s not really doing anything to warm up the temperature this early in the morning.  With that hollowing wind shaking my house, I chose to journal about how grateful I am for my safe, comfy home.  There are many who are not as fortunate, so I really wanted to thank God for the protection while praying for anyone in my community who is without heat, shelter and protection.

And then this happened…

On this horribly cold morning, I am so grateful for the warmth, safety and protection my beautiful home is giving me right now.  I can hear the frigid wind wiping, blowing that leftover snow passed by window as I look out on this sunny morning, and I’m reminded how truly blessed I am for this protective shelter my lovely, cozy home provides every day.

My home can sustain these 20 miles an hour winds and single digits temperatures because it was built to do exactly that.  Its sturdy walls and strong foundation allows me to be safely warm on the inside, well hidden from the outside elements that is causing my house to shake and sway.

Appreciating and being so grateful for everything my home provides, I’m reminded how strong, resilient and durable the structure of SELF has been to all the unsteadiness, cold, frigid elements I’ve withstood over the years.

There have been many days that the cold temperatures of others and life’s events have caused me to rock back and forth.  So how does this compare to my physical home?  Well, a house doesn’t do anything special to provide protection, it just does because it was built of a strong foundation along with the supportive walls shielding the inside from the outside.

Growing up in an emotionally dysfunctional home, my SELF was built incorrectly. Yes, my foundation was built with the only love my family knew how to give as well as a strong faith in God, but somehow my walls were incorrectly assembled.

You see, some walls were made too thin, so they couldn’t withstand the outside elements, allowing dangerous critters to creep in (overeating, overdrinking, codependency, people pleasing…just to name a few) while no one was home or maybe just asleep.

And then there were some walls that were too strong…they blocked any chance of healthy relationships and habits.  My SELF was poorly decorated with limiting thoughts, patterns and habits.  I never wanted anyone to visit, because why would I let anyone into a house that was so ugly and cold?

So, what am I grateful for today?  I am extremely grateful for my physical home with all the warmth and safely it provides, but I am even more grateful for the years of remodeling I’ve done to make my SELF a safe and warm place to visit as well.

Like any remodeling, you think it won’t take as long as it does, and you know you can’t do it all alone.  You need to have a brilliant general contractor (God) to provide the workers (coaches, EFT practitioners, yoga instructors, supportive family and friends) to help you transform your broken down house into a place filled with love, security, warmth, trust and gratitude…a place you can proudly call home.

I’m always here if you could use some remodeling yourSELF.  Click here to learn more about my toolbox loaded with techniques to help you return to the heart.  It’s about time.


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